A Northern Adriatic Naval Adventure

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The journey

Your Unique Summer Adventure

Break away from your routine. Change your ordinary surroundings. Experience that other side far off on the horizon.

IIt’s not that hard - just remember the feeling of weightlessness, mix it with the thrill of a new discovery and kick off with your adventure. .

If traveling is feeding the soul, why not have a fresh, unique & authentic taste of what the world has to offer?

Don’t just settle with the "standard".

Inkal journey

Island of Lošinj

Inkal journey

Island of Susak

Croatia - a land of 1000 islands, offers you countless beaches and coves, amazing cuisine and the most unique of sunsets.

It’s the perfect starting point of your journey – whether you want to explore the local culture, go biking on the island hilltops or just take dips in the sea with a bottle of wine on the ship's deck.

Sometimes, in order to have the best experience, you need a friend who knows the coast and the locals. A friend that takes care of you, while you kick in and carelessly enjoy your holiday.

Inkal journey

Cathedral cave, Island of Premuda

Inkal journey

Island of Orjule and Palaciol

Inkal journey

Punta Križa, Island of Cres

The story

The captain

Inkal - The Captain - Sergej Valerijev

I’m Sergej, I’m a sea lover with more than 25 years of experience navigating the Mediterranean. I’ll be your captain and host on this cruise, showing you the sweet spots while guiding your adventure.

I’m also the boat owner. It’s named Inkal – after the main hero of my favorite comic book. For me, the boat represents personal freedom and a way of finding your own place of peace. It’s my dream actually, a dream I love to share.

My passion for the sea doesn't just stop on Inkal's deck - I love to go underwater, and enjoy that world as well. If you wanna learn cool stuff like deep water breathing, snorkeling techniques, or just rent scuba diving gear feel free to ask me for advice and suggestions.

You can even take it to the next level with my diving course and dive like a pro.

The ship

Inkal - the ship

Your vessel for this voyage is a Grand Banks Alaskan classic motorboat, built by the prestigious American Marine Shipyard Ltd. back in 1972. The boat is 14 meters long and in its big spacious mahogany and teak interior, any guest feels comfortable. The kitchen is packed with all the essentials needed to make a delicious meal, you can enjoy it in the 15 square meter saloon that also has wifi.

Up to five passengers can be accommodated in 2 cabins – 1 with a double bed, and the other with a double + single bed. Both have heating/air conditioning, wifi and a bathroom.

Inkal also offers plenty fee deck space perfect for sunbathing or just chilling by the sea. It's also fully equipped with scuba diving and snorkeling equipment + stand up paddle + fishing gear.

Other about Inkal

The Routes

Liked what you saw? Pick the option you like the best and get in touch, I'd love to hear what you have in mind.

Getaway cruise

starting from


Need some time off? I offer you a 3-day escape cruise in the Northern Adriatic - beautiful beaches, hidden coves and clear blue sea. Every day a different sweet spot perfect for your 3-day getaway.

Included: 3-night cruise on Inkal for up to 5 passengers + Sergej's skipper services

Island adventure week

starting from


If 3 days on the sea aren't enough for your Croatian summer experience, I recommend a 7-day cruise on Inkal. Loads of island hopping and naval adventures along the Croatian coast with the best local know-how and recommendations provided by Captain Sergej.

7-night cruise on Inkal for up to 5 passengers + Sergej's skipper services

Custom Adriatic experience

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You want it – just name it! This is an all-inclusive custom tour, it's super adaptable to any of your needs and preferences, just let me know how Inkal fits with your perfect vacation plan and I’m on it!

Included: min 7 night cruise, max 5 persons + Sergej's skipper services + trips to any desired location


Your agency is looking for awesome ships with character and someone to steer them? I’m always open to new partnership suggestions - hit the 'Send Your Offer' button, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

* Please note that these prices do not include extra costs such as motor fuel or port costs. Also, keep in mind that the boat rental prices vary on the booking date.

* For the full price list and more details on the boat or the cruise click the 'details' link or just send us a message.

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